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Our world of iA consists of a highly specialized agency, assisting with complex programming and consulting within the online advertising industry.

Our objective is to create the best technical framework for your business, using existing data models and analysis to help make your business stronger and more competitive.

By turning your world of information into a valuable asset we can help to scale your business in a more agile and faster way.

Latest iA Blog articles.


The Paradox of too much information

There was a time when going outside of our house to some random place involved a detailed knowledge of the streets and a general sense of cardinal directions. Now we all have a GPS, on-call direction assistance, and an avalanche of sign-boards to point to the thousands of points of interest around any given location.…


The Silver Bullet for use of Big Data in IA?

Big Data is such a broad term, that many simply struggle with understanding what it means for their company. With Big Data, there are many things that can be defined, and many that are hard to. So what is an optimal strategy for a project based on it, and what does it take to make…


The practical Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Applications (IA)

If you have been into sci-fi movies, you might be aware of the fact that the concept of Artificial Intelligence has been around for almost 30 years. Since it was coined so many years ago, many people are aware of the term, and the main question people are asking: Is it even real? What does…