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Our world of iA consists of a highly specialized agency, assisting with complex programming and consulting within the online advertising industry.

Our objective is to create the best technical framework for your business, using existing data models and analysis to help make your business stronger and more competitive.

By turning your world of information into a valuable asset we can help to scale your business in a more agile and faster way.

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The practical Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Applications (IA)

If you have been into sci-fi movies, you might be aware of the fact that the concept of Artificial Intelligence has been around for almost 30 years. Since it was coined so many years ago, many people are aware of the term, and the main question people are asking: Is it even real? What does…


Social Media Application Analytics and Monitoring Applications

You might have wondered about what makes a customer buy something. There are a lot of factors to it, but what ‘clicks’ when someone is faced with a decision-making situation to make a purchase? Many studies out there affirm this fact: the willingness that a consumer has to buy is driven over 60% by the…


Business Intelligence and The Curve of Predictive Analytics

Business Intelligence basically connects the computers and intelligent algorithms (IA) to work in tandem and produce predictions using historic data. They help the business owners make good decisions. It used to be a simple task at some point in the past, and making such analyses were easy to do. The field is now being transformed…